PIX 11 Morning News : Haley Joel Osment Stars in New Comedy "Montana Amazon"

First published 3 November 2010 7.45am © WPIX-TV posted by Shelly Ng. Copyright 2010 Tribune Interactive

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The following article and PIX 11 Morning News video were posted on 3 November 2010 7.45am at the NY PIX morning news blog of WPIX-TV by Shelly Ng. It features a FANTASTIC interview with Haley Joel Osment about Montana Amazon that you JUST have to see. Haley speaks about his role in Montana Amazon, his thoughts about being an Executive Producer on the film, his stint in NYU Film School, and on transitioning from a child actor. It is a short but amazing interview, it's not to be missed ! We are working on a transcript of his interview, coming soon.... In the meantime, click on the link below to visit the WPIX TV website and to view the video interview.

Be sure to visit the ORIGINAL WEBSITE


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