Montana Amazon - now on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter !

Author : Daniel Chia

First published 26th September2010

Montana Amazon now has presence on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter ! Montana Amazon's social media and marketing guru, Mary Shafizadeh has been working overtime since 1 September 2010 to get the word out that Montana Amazon is on its way! Be sure to sign up straight away at these 3 new sites to get the latest news about Montana Amazon. Currently there are 52 signed up for Montana Amazon on Facebook, 382 following the movie on Twitter, and 453 friends of Montana Amazon on Myspace , so let's all do our part in getting the word about Montana Amazon out there, and let's get the number of fans on board at each side up! In the meantime, check out the following 9 incredible new pictures of Haley Joel Osment as Womple that first appeared on Facebook. They are just stunning ! Personally, I can't wait to see Montana Amazon !



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