A new Haley Joel Osment Film is always a cause for celebration, and MONTANA AMAZON : The Adventures of the Dunderheads is going to have Haley fans the world over excited again!

Not only does this new film boast a stellar cast including Oscar nominated actor Haley Joel Osment and Academy Award winning actress Olympia Dukakis , it has both the esteemed actors sitting in the Executive Producer's chairs. This is obviously a very special film, with such great actors putting their collective clout behind the film.

We are indeed honoured to be endorsed by the producers of Montana Amazon and will be working closely with the webmasters of the film's other official and social media websites to bring you the very latest news on the film!


ALL THE NEWS SO FAR... ( more on the way... )

12 July 2011 : PRESS RELEASE from Bruce Stubblefield (Producer, Montana Amazon)

Montana Amazon Productions LLC is pleased to announce two important new partnerships: Producer's Representation by Steven Beer of GT Law, and Worldwide Sales Representation by Artist View Entertainment.

Montana Amazon signs with Steven Beer

Steven Beer of Greenberg Traurig, LLP has been retained by Montana Amazon Productions to provide Producer's Representation and Legal services for "Montana Amazon, The Adventures of the Dunderheads." The comedy-drama stars Olympia Dukakis("Moonstruck," "Steel Magnolias"), Haley Joel Osment("The Sixth Sense," "AI: Artificial Intelligence") and Alison Brie(Showtime's "Mad Men" & NBC's "Community").

Beer is known as a leading Attorney, Producer and Producer's Representative for dozens of exclusive and unique Independent films, as well as for extensive work in the music field. He commented: "Montana Amazon is a gorgeous and comedic gem that takes the family road film genre to a provocative and contemporary place. Smart, clever and sexy, the film appeals to everyone with a dream and dysfunctional relative."

Artist View Entertainment picks up "Montana Amazon" for worldwide sales

Veteran film sales executive Scott Jones has signed "Montana Amazon" for exclusive worldwide distribution through his Artist View Entertainment banner. Artist View was founded by Jones in 1991. Mr. Jones has over 25 years of diverse entertainment industry experience, spanning from ownership of video retail outlets to serving as executive producer on a dozen feature films.

Now in its 20th year of operation, Artist View has established an outstanding reputation in both the Domestic and International marketplaces. The core belief of the business is based on integrity and a mutual respect for its Investors, Producers and Buyers alike.



16 December 2010 : A veteran of at least 40 - 50 films in an illustrious career spanning almost 30 years and counting, Bruce Stubblefield brings with him a wealth of experience to Montana Amazon, a personal project which he worked hard and with incredible passion to bring from script to screen. We are tremendously honored and excited to bring you an exclusive interview with Mr Stubblefield, Producer of Montana Amazon. Don't miss this exclusive interview which takes you behind the scenes of Montana Amazon and the challenges it took to get this unique and amazing film made!

18 November 2010 : The Montana Amazon Tribute Site is proud and honored to bring you an exclusive interview with D.G. Brock , Director of Montana Amazon. In this amazing interview, D.G. Brock speaks candidly of the challenges faced in getting Montana Amazon from script to film, the incredible experience of working with veteran actors like Olympia Dukakis, Haley Joel Osment, Alison Brie and Lew Temple, and why it was necessary shoot the film at its punishing pace of 35-38 setups a day. Don't miss this exclusive interview!

18 November 2010 : We've been hard at work behind the scenes to bring you three new videos from the Orlando Film Festival 2010. The first two are interviews with Haley Joel Osment (transcribed) and Alison Brie. We've also discovered a recording of a brilliant Panel Discussion held on 4th November 2010 at the Orlando Film Festival that you just HAVE to see ! Both Haley Joel Osment and Alison Brie were VIP panelists, along with other film industry greats including the legendary Ralph Clemente whose Valencia Film Program was described by none other than the great Steven Spielberg as "the best below-the-line film program on the planet". This hour and a half long panel discussion, "In and Out of Hollywood" is well-worth viewing, and is accompanied by a full transcription of comments made by Haley Joel Osment and Alison Brie. Also for your convenience, we have divided the long video into bite sized video segments for you to directly access what Haley and Alison said about Montana Amazon and the film industry. Brilliant stuff ! View it here.

12 November 2010 : Indiewire.com reports has more news about Montana Amazon winning the BEST FEATURE FILM Award at the recently-concluded 7th Annual Big Apple Film Festival. Read the full report here.

12 November 2010 : Carlos Dev from 365 Cinema has reviewed Montana Amazon, and he says, "Director D.G. Brock is not a name I'm familiar with but she is a name you want to keep your eye on. This is one of the best-directed comedies I've seen in quite awhile. The pace is absolutely frenetic, moving from scene to scene with reckless abandon. There are a lot of really big laughs here, and many of them come from the puzzled expression of Haley Joel Osment..." He gives the film a fantastic score of 8.5/10 ! Read the full review here.

10 November 2010 : Sharon Butler attended the premiere of Montana Amazon on Friday, November 5, 2010 at the Orlando Film Festival, and sent us these 3 pictures from the Question and Answer Session following the screening of the film. Thanks, Sharon!

(from l to r) Actor Haley Joel Osment, Olympia Dukakis, director D.G. Brock and Alison Brie during the "Montana Amazon" Q&A.. Photo © Sharon Butler

(from l to r) Actor Haley Joel Osment, Olympia Dukakis and director D.G. Brock during the "Montana Amazon" Q&A.. Photo © Sharon Butler

(from l to r) Actor Haley Joel Osment and Olympia Dukakis answer a question during the "Montana Amazon" Q&A.. Photo © Sharon Butler


8 November 2010 : Check out these two great photos of Haley Joel Osment and Montana Amazon director D.G Brock at the 7th Annual Big Apple Film Festival !

(from l to r) Actor Haley Joel Osment, festival founder Jonathan Lipp and director D.G. Brock during the "Montana Amazon" Q&A. Photo © Brian Smith

(from l to r) Actor Haley Joel Osment, festival founder Jonathan Lipp and director D.G. Brock during the "Montana Amazon" Q&A. Photo © Brian Smith

8 November 2010 : The FIRST review of Montana Amazon is in ! Sharon Butler attended the premiere of Montana Amazon at the Orlando Film Festival on Friday 5 November 2010 and sends in her review.

8 November 2010 : BREAKING NEWS ! Montana Amazon won the Best Feature Film Award at the Big Apple Film Festival 2010 . Alison Brie won Best Supporting Performance at the Orlando Film Festival 2010. In a separate ceremony on Friday 5 November 2010, Olympia Dukakis was also presented with the Orlando Film Festival's Cinema Icon Award 2010.

4 November 2010 : As we ramp up towards the premiere of Montana Amazon tomorrow 5 November 2010 at the Orlando Film Festival and on 6 November 2010 at the Big Apple Film Festival, we bring you now our VIDEO gallery , featuring not only the wonderful video interview with Haley Joel Osment on the NY PIX 11 Morning News, but a NEW official Montana Amazon Behind the Scenes Video as well ! In this short promotional video, Haley Joel Osment speaks more about his role as the intellectually-challenged Womple, and about acting with his fellow co-stars, Olympia Dukakis and Alison Brie. Click on the video to view it ....

3 November 2010 : 3pm - Be sure to check out our transcript for the PIX 11 Morning News video interview with Haley Joel Osment!

3 November 2010 : 12 noon - WPIX-TV and its PIX 11 Morning News video (posted at 7.45am today) features a FANTASTIC interview with Haley Joel Osment about Montana Amazon that you just can't afford to miss! In the video interview, Haley speaks about his role in Montana Amazon, his thoughts about being an Executive Producer on the film, his stint in NYU Film School, and on transitioning from a child actor. It is a short but amazing interview, it's not to be missed ! We are working on a transcript of his interview, coming soon.... In the meantime, click on the link below to see the article and for a link to the video interview....

13 October 2010 : LATEST UPDATE- online booking for the screenings of Montana Amazon at the Orlando Film Festival opens TOMORROW Thursday 14 October. Keep your eye the official Orlando filmfest website and book your tickets as soon as you can!

12 October 2010 : More good news ! I have been in touch with the good people at the Orlando Film Festival, which runs from 3rd November to 7th November 2010, and have the early details of the screening of Montana Amazon at the festival. This information is not even on the official Orlando filmfest website yet, but I can tell you that Montana Amazon screens on Friday 5 November 2010 at 7:30pm and Sunday 7 November 2010 at 6:30pm. The schedule will be released THIS THURSDAY 14th October 2010, and patrons will be able to go on line and "purchase" the tickets to the screenings. They simply need to show up an hour or more before the screening to collect their free tickets. All screenings are FREE! This is a fantastic opportunity for those of you who will be in Orlando in early November, so don't miss this ! The Orlando Film Festival will be held at the Plaza Cinema Cafe, 155 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801. Watch this space for all the latest updates !

11 October 2010 : Tickets for the screening of Montana Amazon at the Big Apple Film Festival 2010 is available for sale online NOW till 29 October 2010. Hurry, book your seats now! Please note that after October 29 the ONLY way to purchase tickets will be in person at Tribeca Cinemas beginning one hour prior to the start of each program on a first come first serve basis (cash only at the door). The cost of tickets is $20 per program. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT ATTENDEES PURCHASE TICKETS IN ADVANCE ONLINE AS PROGRAMS ARE EXPECTED TO SELL OUT. Do note that Haley Joel Osment will be in attendance and that there will be a special post screening Question and Answer with Haley and other special guests ! Don't miss this ! Click on the BUY TICKETS button to buy your tickets online now !

26 September 2010 : More great news! Montana Amazon now has presence on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter ! Montana Amazon's social media and marketing guru, Mary Shafizadeh has been working overtime since 30 August 2010 to get the word out that Montana Amazon is on its way! Be sure to sign up straight away at these 3 new sites to get the latest news about Montana Amazon. Currently there are 52 signed up for Montana Amazon on Facebook, 382 following the movie on Twitter, and 453 friends of Montana Amazon on Myspace , so let's all do our part in getting the word about Montana Amazon out there, and let's get the number of fans on board at each side up! In the meantime, check out 9 incredible new pictures of Haley Joel Osment as Womble on Facebook, including the following stunning ones (click the images for the higher res version ) ....

See all 9 images at higher resolution here

20 September 2010 : First up is a brand new webmistress at the Official Montana Amazon website , AND a brand new look for the site itself. Not much information there yet, but as I said, things are going to keep rolling out shortly... click on the image below to visit the official website :

1 September 2010 : We're BACK ! After a long year and a half of not much news, I am really happy to be able to report that the machinary behind Haley Joel Osment's new movie, Montana Amazon, has been quietly chugging along, behind the scenes all this time.... AND it's time the gears are being kicked into a high gear, all leading up to the screening of Montana Amazon at 2 high profile film festivals, the Orlando Film Festival on Nov 5th 2010 and the Big Apple Film Festival on Nov 6th 2010. I can't tell you more at the moment, but I can tell you that I am in touch with Bruce Stubblefield, Producer of Montana Amazon, and his new marketing crew. So.... there are exciting times ahead, and you are going to see and hear a lot about Montana Amazon throughout the Fall. Keep it right here as we bring you the exciting news as it develops !

30th January 2009 : Fans have been anxiously awaiting news about the progress of this exciting new film for months, and we are glad to report that the new year has brought the first sign that things are really started to get exciting. First up, the official Montana Amazon Website has been updated with a whole new look. Be sure to check it out. Click on the banner below ....

20th August 2008 : The first picture on the internet of Haley Joel Osment in costume on the set of Montana Amazon is posted at actress Connie Cooper's official website, and fan reaction is incredibly positive ! Read more ...

25th June 2008 : The Montana Amazon Tribute Site is launched !

12th June 2008 : Bruce Stubblefield, Producer of Montana Amazon, gives approval for the launch of this MONTANA AMAZON TRIBUTE SITE which will be run as a fansite in the tradition of the other Comeaway group of Tribute Sites. Besides the official Montana Amazon Website and this Montana Amazon Tribute Site , there will be third, exciting FANZINE type site launched which will be a highly interactive website to allow fans to interact with the producers of Montana Amazon. Watch for further information of this exciting fanzine site here.

3rd June 2008 : The official Montana Amazon Website goes online probably around 1st June 2008, with Haley fans being alerted by danchia on 3rd June 2008. Other film forums are alerted about the official Montana Amazon website by teams from Montana Amazon Productions. The following is a screenshot of the first version of the official website...

2nd June 2008 : Finally, IMDB lists Haley Joel Osment as one of the lead actors on Montana Amazon, playing a character by the name of Womple .

19th May 2008 : Fair discovers 2 mentions of Montana Amazon by Variety , the first on April 6th naming actress Alison Brie as landing a major role in Montana Amazon, and more importantly, on May 18th naming Michelle C Bonilla, Olympia Dukakis AND Haley Joel Osment as actors in the film.

27th April 2008 : Fair also discovered on Flickr these intriguing series of 16 location shots taken by "Prosperous Scouting" and uploaded to Flickr on 27th February 2008. Our attempts at contacting "Prosperous Scouting" have so far been unsuccessful and we bring you only this screenshot of his Flickr page because of copyright issues.

27th April 2008 : It didn't take long for Fair to discover Jeff Turner's amazing behind the scenes photographs of Montana Amazon, and this again caused a huge wave of excitement with Haley's fans when Fair featured just three of the Montana Amazon pictures.

7th April 2008 : An incredible set of 13 fabulous behind the scenes photographs of Montana Amazon, taken on location at Vasquez Rocks in California, were uploaded by photographer Jeff Turner on his Flickr photostream site. We will be bringing you an exclusive interview with Jeff Turner soon, so watch for it...

5th April 2008 : Once again, it was Fair who brought in yet another scoop about the film having finished up in Barstow, California at the end of March 2008, and that filming had now moved on to Vegas. Fair also noted that an official page for Montana Amazon had now gone online at IMDB , and although it did NOT list Haley Joel Osment as an actor in the film, Haley Joel Osment's name was prominently listed as one of the film's Executive Officer, causing quite a stir of excitement among Haley's fans.

26th March 2008 : Jason Smith, in an article entitled " Scenes for independent film shot in Barstow ", written for the Desert Dispatch and published 26th March 2008 was the earliest article with details on the filming of Montana Amazon, and was also the first to publish a behind the scenes photograph on the set of Montana Amazon. Once again, Fair was the first fan to alert everyone else about this story on the Haley Joel Osment Message Board.

7th March 2008 : Within a day, FAIR, one of Haley's most loyal fans, alerted the fans on the official Haley Joel Osment Message Board about the mention of this new Haley Joel Osment film that there was a brief mention of the film at the National Ledger website. Fans were extremely excited to hear this news. Incredibly, Fair went one better than The National Ledger by correctly identifying the film by its full title : Montana Amazon, The Adventures of the Dunderheads. We have archived Fair's post here.

6th March 2008 : The earliest indication that Haley Joel Osment was involved in a new film came when there was a brief mention of the film at The National Ledger website in an article written by Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith , and published March 6, 2008. The film was identified, not quite correctly, as The Adventures of the Dunderheads.




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