Transcript of Haley Joel Osment's Video Interview with PIX 11 Morning News on 3 November 2010

Transcribed by Daniel Chia

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The following PIX 11 Morning News video was posted on 3 November 2010 7.45am at the NY PIX morning news blog of WPIX-TV by Shelly Ng. Kudos to PIX 11 Morning News for scoring such an exclusive interview with Haley who spoke about his role in Montana Amazon, his thoughts about being an Executive Producer on the film, his stint in NYU Film School, and on transitioning from a child actor. It is a short but amazing interview, and we are delighted to be able to bring you a transcript of the video interview.



PIX 11 Morning News : He's seen dead people, paid it forward and shown off some Artificial Intelligence. Now Haley Joel Osment is going on a brand new adventure with his very unusual family...

[ Montana Amazon teaser clip plays... " This is the story of a family a lot like yours, if yours has left a trail of mayhem and destruction across the country...]

PIX 11 Morning News : [laughs] Oooh... that was a good tease, right there. So nice to have you here.

Haley Joel Osment : Thank you.

PIX 11 Morning News : We feel we've watched you grow up. How old are you now?

Haley Joel Osment : I'm 22 now.

PIX 11 Morning News : 22, graduated from NYU, this is your first big project, right?

Haley Joel Osment : It is, yeah, this was the only film that I worked on during school and NYU, luckily, gave me leave of absence so that I could go off and do this.

PIX 11 Morning News : All right, so tell us about Montana Amazon.

Haley Joel Osment : It is one of the most unusual scripts that I have ever read, you know. Generally it's about family, but...

PIX 11 Morning News : An odd family...

Haley Joel Osment : A very odd family, and it's about a grandmother and her two grandchildren, who you might say are a little bit developmentally challenged. They grew up in the backwoods in Montana, and after an accident that I caused, our grandmother who happens to be mute, as played by Olympia Dukakis, takes us on a sort of wild adventure to try to get across the border to escape punishment.

PIX 11 Morning News : So what made you say yes to this role?

Haley Joel Osment : You know, for me, it's always been about the quality of the material, and the bonus is how unusual the material is. And that was sort of the case in this film, both of those things, because there is a big challenge in playing a character who doesn't have a lot of verbal talent. There's not a whole lot of dialogue in this film, it's very physically-driven, and you know, it was very exciting to play with two other very talented actresses...

PIX 11 Morning News : Oscar winner, Olympia Dukakis, I'm sure you'll learn a bunch from her...

Haley Joel Osment : Absolutely, yeah.

PIX 11 Morning News : Also, this movie is going to premiere this week at the Big Apple Film Festival. You're also one of the Executive Producers of this film too, so not only did you act, but you're also one of the Executive Producers. Is this something that you want to get involved in?

Haley Joel Osment : It is, it is... you know they were very kind in giving me and Olympia that title on this film, but I am very interested in all sides of the camera. Writing and Directing are two goals that I would like to work towards in the future.

PIX 11 Morning News : All right, so you went to Tisch (Tisch School of the Arts, NYU), and you had 4 years to think about this... what knowledge did you gain at the school, and what do you feel like you will be able to bring to your next project? Because you took time to be a student, kinda like reclaim your life again...

Haley Joel Osment : I did. Ever since I was younger, going to college was very important to me. My mother is also a teacher, so that was something that was definitely instilled in me since young. But, I studied Experimental Theatre in NYU, and it was a very different style of performance and material than I had done, working on films when I was younger, so I feel that I have learned a lot from people my age and work and from very unusual circumstances in school. I feel that I can take a sort of broader knowledge, combined with my earlier film experiences, to my films in the future.

PIX 11 Morning News : Haley, I've got to tell you something. Talking to you, I feel like I'm talking to an adult right now, it's so trippy, because I feel like we've watched you grow up, so a lot of us look at you like this little family, like, " I see dead people", you know, onto Artificial Intelligence and so on and so forth... Is it something that you feel like you're going to carry with you, you know, because so many child stars have so much trouble transitioning. Is that something that's always in the back of your head?

Haley Joel Osment : You know, I was very lucky in a lot of films that I am very proud of, and for me, there is that career aspect of it, but I just think of it from film to film, and the reason that I have done all this is because I love the work. So, if I just keep focussing on that aspect, I think that I will be all right.

PIX 11 Morning News : Listen, you are such a cool dude, you've got such a good head on your shoulders, I don't have to tell you, your mom did a great job. Of course she's a teacher, that's why you're on the straight and narrow, and your sister...adorable.

Haley Joel Osment : [laughs]

PIX 11 Morning News : Montana Amazon : The Adventures of the Dunderheads, premieres this Saturday at the Big Apple Film Festival. For more information of the Big Apple Film Festival, meet us on the web at .


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